Home Winterization

Water Heater Insulation

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Portland, Home Winterization, Water Heater Repair Portland Oregon | 0 comments

Most property owners enjoy discovering new tactics to help cut down heating costs in the cold months we realize at Water Heater Repair Portland. And, considering ones water heater works a lot more in the wintertime doing just that, we have gathered some strategies to pass along today on ways to save on energy costs. Here is a simple method to test ones water heater’s need for insulation: put ones hand near or on the exterior of the water heater’s storage tank. It is feels warm, insulating the tank is suggested. This loss of heat in the winter season will add up. After that, in...

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Portland Home Winterizing Tips

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There are a great deal of various jobs around the home that homeowners need to bear in mind doing in the be up to winterize their house that Water Heater Repair Portland Oregon would such as to share with you today. This first post includes the should change ones furnace filters and to examine the batteries on any smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home, which we can’t emphasize enough. Also, it is an excellent time to check the pressure relief valve on the water heater. This is a task that needs to be done two times a year. While inspecting this, it likewise makes it a...

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