Avoid a Portland Water Heater Explosion

Posted by on Dec 14, 2013 in Water Heater Repair Portland Oregon

No, it does not happen that typically, fortunately, but a water heater has the potential to explode and cause major damages to a Portland house and individuals. It is easy to have the mindset that it is something that occurs to other people, but without correct care of ones water heater, it can possibly take place to you.

Water Heater Repair Portland Oregon does not want to sound like an alarmist, however wished to share some different videos we assembled from around the Internet to show this point.

The first one is news video from a Phoenix homeowner whose electric water heater exploded quickly after he was performing some maintenance on the heater.

The next example video is from Walnut, CA. it is shared by WaterHeaterExplosions.com and the narrator does an outstanding task of discussing how the explosion took place and what sorts of steps a homeowner can take to prevent it.

So what are the methods to prevent this from occurring at home? There are some simple routine upkeep actions property owners can do. However, we cannot stress enough to have an expert take a look at your water heater regularly too, to ensure it is working effectively.

For “fun”, some individuals like to test this concept. The following video holds true with a 50 gallon water heater that reached 330 psi of pressure.

Most likely the most well seen video of examining this concept is from Mythbusters, because they just like to make things exploded. Take pleasure in the last video and bear in mind that water heater safety is not something to be taken for granted or lightly.

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